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Straight Modular Kitchen

Straight Modular Kitchen In Pune

As The Name Suggests, The ‘Straight Modular Kitchens’ Are Named After The Straight-Line Layout Of Three Main Factors Consisting Of Sink, Hob, And Fridge. Moreover, These Designs Acquire A Well-Structured Look As They Are Designed With Various Cabinets To Hold Kitchenware & Accessories. Straight Modular Kitchen’s Parts Are Made Of Good Quality Wood, Granite, Marble Or Tile Which Include Boosting The Beauty Of The Look Of The Kitchen.

The Straight Modular Kitchen Generally Consists Of An Open Floor Plan, Where You Have Effortless Access To All Parts Of The Kitchen. The Kitchen Appliances, Tools & Cabinets, Everything Can Be Accessed Without Any Hassle, Which Ultimately Makes The Cooking Experience Fantastic. These Structures Come Up With Various Amazing Features To Get Pleasure From The Cooking At Its Fullest. The Straight-Line Kitchen Designs Are Supposed To Be Full Of Sliding And Pocket Doors That Not Only Increase The Storage Place But Also Reduce The Visible Clutter. While Thinking About The Straight-Line Kitchen Layout, The Working Triangle Is Situated Linearly To The Design. The Location Of The Kitchen Sink Is In Such A Way That The User Can Have The Maximum Space In Between. Furthermore, Space Is In A Well-Structured Format So That The Dining Table Is To Be Also Kept In The Kitchen To Enhance The Interactive Climate Of The Kitchen.

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